Saturday, August 30, 2008

Benefits and Limitation of HTML

Benefits of HTML

Why we use HTML ? Ofcorse there are some benefits of it. These are some of its benefits.


HTML is simple but powerful language. Any person can use HTML to create his own Web pages with just a little effort.

Platform Independent

HTML is platform independent. It works on any platform. HTML documents created for one type of system can be used on other systems as well.

Easy Navigation

HTML web pages are linked together using hyperlinks. It provides easy navigation between different documents.

Attractive and Easier to Read

HTML allows the use of graphics and animation. It delivers richer content and arrange the content creatively.

Limitations of HTML

As there are two sides of a coin, as there are some limitations of HTML. These are some of its limitations.

No Programming Capabilities

HTML provides no programming capabilities. It only provides formatted text, pictures and sounds etc.


HTML can only be used to create static web pages.

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