Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Food Preservation - Principle 4

Reduction in Physical Defects { Principle 4 }

Food is also spoiled by physical defects during handling and processing. These physical defects should be reduced to avoid food spoilage, as is is told in principle 4 of food preservation. Surface drying and crystallization are the most common physical defects. These must be controlled.

Surface Drying

The drying out observed on the surface of certain foods during frozen storage is an important physical defect that can be controlled by proper packaging and maintenance of a steady storage temperature. If more humidity is maintained in storage , then surface drying can be minimized. The use of ultra violate lamp in storage is also helpful.


Another common physical defect involves crystallization (formation of small pieces) of sugar form syrups and other sugar based products. Such defective products develop a bad taste. This can be prevented by using a mixture of of two or more sugars instead of single sugar. A solution having 60% sucrose( a sugar) will develop crystals. whereas a solution containing 75% total sugars made up of careful blend of sucrose(a sugar), glucose(a sugar) and fructose (a sugar) will show no visible signs of crystals.

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