Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blogging tips and tricks every blogger should know

Blogging Tips,Tricks a blogger should know to become a Top Blogger

Either if you are a serious blogger or writing posts for fun, you should follow these tips, tricks and hints to achieve your feet in blogging . If you follow these blogging hints you will definitely enhance your blogs design, readability and increase earning potential of your blog .
Now infinite blogs are evolving and when i go through some blogs, I find very uneasy reading their blogs and they even don't get their website listed in search engines with good rank even if they website age is old. So, don't fall into this category of blogger. Every blogger want to increase their blog in search engine listings and get quality traffic to their blog, So that they can earn more money. If you are a blogger you are thinking like this, Isn't it.
I will start from building your blog and continue to the topics like search engine listings, Search engine optimization, driving traffic to your blog, Monetize your blog.
The important steps you have to follow:

  • Building blog

  • Writing posts

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Driving traffic

    • Using Digg to drive traffic to your website

    • Increasing your blog's subscribers

    • Listing your blog in Blog Directories

    • Participating in Blog Contests

    • Participating in Forums

  • monetize your blog

I have explained about each topic in next chapters.

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