Saturday, August 30, 2008


What is DATABASE ?

Database is an organized collection of related data that is stored in an efficient and compact manner. The word organization means that data is stored in such a way that the user can use this data easily. The word related means that a database is normally created to store the data about a particular topic. The word efficient means that the user can search the required data quickly. The word compact means that the stored data occupies as little space as possible in computer.

Some examples of database are :

Phone Directory

It is a simple example of a database. A phone directory stores the phone numbers of different persons. Any phone number from the phone directory can be searched easily because all phone numbers are stored in an organized way.


A library contains thousands of books. A database system can be used to store the records of books. The database can be used to search the required books easily.


A database is used to control the accounts system of an organization. The accounts database keeps the record of all financial transactions of the organization.

College Record

A college has many students in different classes. A database is used to store the records of the students, fee transactions, examination information and attendance of the students.
These are few simple examples of database. The list is almost endless.

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