Friday, August 29, 2008

History of Internet

History of Internet

The work on Internet was started in 1960's during the cold war of Russia and America. A network of 4 computers was developed at start.


During the cold war, Russia launched Sputnik satellite and America developed a network. Its name was ARPANET. It was developed for Advance Research Project Agency (ARPA).


Protocol is a collection of rules. In 1970's NCP (Network Control Protocol) was developed. It was the first standard protocol for data transfer.


It stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It was a new name of ARPA . Now 37 computers were connected together. It started work to share data not only to a single network but also among other different networks. Stanford Research Institute took part in this research.


A team of Stanford Research Institute developed a protocol called TCP/IP . It stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. It was designed to share data among different networks.


BITNET stands for Because It's Time Network and Csnet stands for Computer Science Network. These were established for non-military persons. These networks were used for academic and research purpose. In these networks, IBM computers and university computers were connected together.

World Wide Network

Soon the idea of Internet same out. Different universities and Research institutes started work on a global network. In 1986, NSFNet was developed. It connected academic researches of different countries.


Internet is now the largest network in the world. millions of computers are connected together through different medium. People can share information and data. Any computer with a modem and telephone line can become part of the Internet

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