Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Food Preservation - Principle 2

Prevention or Delay of Bacterial Activity {Principle 2}

As it is told in principle 2 of food preservation that by keep in microorganisms e.g bacteria out of food is helpful in the preservation of food.

How this can be done?

Firstly, precautions may be taken to prevent their entry in the food, but where they have already gained access,these may be thrown out.

Keeping microorganisms out

Nature creates all foods free from microorganisms and provides a protective covering to prevent their entry inside the food. Orange, Banana, Mango, Wheat, Maize, Rice and Groundnut etc. are all free free from microorganisms when produced. The skin, peel,husk and shell provide protection to food from the entry of bacteria and other microorganisms. So far as these bacteria are not allowed to enter the food, our food is preserved and cannot be spoiled.

Creation of Unfavourable Conditions

Such conditions are provided to food in storage which are not favourable for the growth of microorganisms. Canning is commercially done to prevent the entry of bacteria into the food. In canning, food is packed inside tin cans.

Temperature is yet another very effective tool in the hands of people engaged in food preservation to create unfavourable conditions.

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