Friday, August 29, 2008

Services of Internet

Services of Internet

Internet has provided easy way to share information and data but there are so many services which is available on the Internet. Following are some important services of the Internet.


Internet is used for the advertisement of different products. Manufacturers provide information about their products. In this way, they give more exposure to their products.

Online Shopping

Now it is possible for a user to buy a product using Internet. there are many online shopping store where we can see products and their prices. We can simply order these products using a credit card.

Flight Information

Airlines provide the schedule of flights on their websites. We can easily get latest information on flights arrivals and departures.

Television Station

Almost all T.V channels have their website which is used to provide information about the programs, the latest news and special events. Some televisions show their events live on their website.

Encyclopedia Publisher

Online encyclopedias are available. You can find detailed information on any topic in the world. Wikipedia is an example of it.

Search Engines

search engine is a website that provides you the facility to find the required websites on a particular topic. You can find thousands of websites about any topic. The famous search engines are Google, AltaVista, Yahoo and Lycos etc.


Many websites in the world provide detailed information on diseases. You can also consult a panel of on-line Doctors to get the advise about any medical problem.

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