Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Food Preservation - Principle 3

Control of Pest Activities {Principle 3 }

Principle 3 of food preservation tells that food can be saved from spoilage damage caused by pest (these are also insects but they compete with Human for food). Insects, rodents and birds have attained pest status in most countries. These cause heavy damage to food stuff. these are a constant threat to man's survival. These must be controlled to avoid food spoilage.

Control of Insects

Insects destroy almost 50 percent of the annual cereal grain crops in some developing countries. Traditionally, food industry has controlled insect pests in grains and some dried food by fumigation (process in which fumes of chemicals are used to kill insets). Such chemicals are used which give maximum insect control and minimum health hazard(damage).These food are further protected from insects by packaging in insect proof containers.

Control of Rodents

Complete removal of rodents is almost impossible. The situation is worse in developing countries. Systematic control of rat and mice is practiced in most of the industrial units of developed countries. A typical systematic control includes the use of poison baits, rat-traps and biological method ( use of Cats ) to kill rat and mice.

Control of Birds

Birds consume grains in the field before crop is harvested. This loss by birds has traditionally been reduced by installing noise-making dummies ( shaped like humans or animals ) at different points in the farm. Birds also contaminate(add impurities) food and water. To prevent this, bird screens can be used over grain or water storage.

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